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Biolustre EMS Pro Hair Repair Kit - 4 Bottles - 49.99

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Healthy Hair In Just One Treatment.

  • Hair Is 200% - 300% Stronger.
  • Hair has a more even porosity from root to end.
  • Fine hair is more resistant to colour and chemicals.
  • Colour gives more shine.
  • Red colour stays in the hair 4-6 times longer.
  • Curly hair has more definition.
  • Blow-drying curly hair straight, is easier and lasts longer.
  • Used before chemical straightening or perms will help to eliminate breakage.
  • Used on white hair, Biolustre gives colour a base to hold the colour is more vibrant, has more depth,and lasts longer.
  • Biolustre strengthens hair, in-between and while hair extensions are on.

1) Wash

Start with dry hair. Take notice of dry spots and damage. Shampoo with Biolustre Exfoliating shampoo to rid the hair and scalp of any oil or product build-up.

2) Dry

Blow-dry or towel dry hair. Remove excess moisture which opens the hair cuticle and allows the Rescue/Revive treatment to better penetrate the hair shaft.

3) Apply

Saturate hair with the Treatment be sure to lift layers of hair and allow the product to penetrate all of the hair. For shoulder length hair saturate the ends of the hair.

Leave off the scalp/roots as these new growth areas do not require repair.

4) Dry

Blow dry hair with a blow dryer on medium heat. The Rescue/ Revive Treatment is heat activated. The product will become hard in the hair. This is normal. DO NOT COMB THROUGH THE HAIR as this will cause to hair break.

5) Rinse

Gently rinse hair with WARM water for 3 to 5 minutes. Loosen the hair very slowly (being careful not to scrub the hair) until the hair no longer feels hard.

6) Wash

Once the hair is soft, wash at least twice. When possible, use a gentle clarifying shampoo. Its is important to get all of the product out of the hair before styling. Use a moisturizing conditioner after rinsing out the product for best results.

Revolutionize your hair with Biolustre Professional repair treatment

Biolustre repair treatment is hair regeneration available for the first time as a home kit version. Biolustre is not a deep hair conditioner, a hot oil treatment, nor like any other hair reconstruction you have used before!

How does it work? Biolustre uses a patent pending polymer bonding process called Lustreloc Technology. It is this technology that allows the product to actually penetrate the hair shaft and bond to the inner cortex of the hair. By bonding to the inner layers of the hair it creates increased tensile strength without the fear of washing out. It is this strength that gives the hair the feel and shine of virgin hair.

When can I use it? You want to apply Biolustre if the hair is damaged by chemical treatments (coloring, high/lowlights, straightening, perming, bleaching) or environmental factors (wind, rain, heat etc). Since it bonds with hair, the shine, softness and manageability will not wash away. You will also want to apply the Biolustre before and/or after ANY chemical process.